Sedum roof webshop

In our sedum roof webshop you can buy the components for making your own extensive
sedum roofgarden. The sedum can be "planted" as a pre-grown mat, or you can also
put a slightly thicker layer of Fytomix substrate on the  roof and plant your own sedum plants.
You can even use some herbs or bulbs combined with sedumplants to make a nice variation during the year.

Our sedum mats are transported as rolls or flat panels, stacked on top of each other. To avoid "heating up" of the rolls or mats, you need to unroll these and lay them as quick as possible.
The big advantage of pre-grown mats is you have an instant green roof from day one!

We can also deliver the wildflower - sedum mat which is a combination of strong sedum species and several wild flowers (20 to 25 species) on a special substratemat.


NOTE: Before ordering in the webshop, please read the information about shipping costs!


  • Fytomix light weight roofgarden substrate
  • Geo Textile
    Geo Textile

    Geo Textiel - filter fleece
    Standard width: 4,5 meter.
    Sold in standard lenght of 1 mtr. (= 4,5m2)
    Price to be understood for 1 mtr. lenght = 4,5 m2.

  • Fytonop 20 drainage panel
    Fytonop 20 drainage panel

    Drainage panel "Fytonop -20" to establish a free drianage. (HDPE)
    Panel size: 250 x 120 cm.
    Panel height: 20 mm
    Maximal compressive strenght : 15.000 kg/m2
    Own weight: 1 kg / m2
    Maximal waterdrainage capacity: 10 liter /sec /…

  • LDPE protection sheet
    LDPE protection sheet

    Black sheet to protect the original roof surface. Standard delivery in 4 mtr wide and 1 mtr lenght (= 4m2). Price is for 4 m2.
    Advise to overlap here also 10%.

  • Sedummat

    Sedum mat with an average of 6 to 8 different sedum species.
    Mats are delivered on a role fo 200 x 100 cm. Delivery will be in close contact with the customer to be able to unroll the sedum directly after arrival. This is to avoid…

  • Wild Flower Sedum Mat
    Wild Flower Sedum Mat

    Combination of strong sedum species and a huge variety of wild flowers.
    Pre-grown on a special substratemat.

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