Fytonop 20 drainage panel

£39.90 (including VAT)

Drainage panel "Fytonop -20" to establish a free drianage. (HDPE)
Panel size: 250 x 120 cm.
Panel height: 20 mm
Maximal compressive strenght : 15.000 kg/m2
Own weight: 1 kg / m2
Maximal waterdrainage capacity: 10 liter /sec / m2

The Fytonop can be used in two positions.For creating additional waterstorage
(14 ltr/m2) you can install the panels with the "cups" open on top. For maximal fast drainage the cups should be with the open side on the roof.
Advised overlap: two cups.

Price is for one full panel (= 3 m2).Delivery only full panels.